Case Study Of The Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge

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Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge (10/30/2015 – Present [04/10/2016])
The Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge is a case study competition among universities in the United States and Canada. This year four students, including myself, were given a case study on LEGO and challenged to develop the best and most comprehensive risk management program to address an issue. In addition to researching financial risks, I assisted the team leader with editing and formatting the submitted research. The St. Mary’s University team was among eight universities across the country and Canada to advance to the final round. We are making our final presentation in April in San Diego, California.
CFA Investment Research Challenge (11/01/2015 – 02/20/2016)
The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university students with mentoring and hands-on training in financial analysis. Our team was tasked with providing a detailed investment recommendation on Southwest Airlines. As the team leader, I assigned research and ensured the consolidation of all the research. Our team was one of eight schools in the southwest region of the country chosen to advance to the next level of the competition. We presented
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The purpose of this council is to facilitate discussions concerning topics; for example, the strategic vision of the Bill Greehey School of Business. As a member of this council, I act as a channel of communication between the student body and the administration by providing feedback and perspective. In the past, I have contributed to a strategic plan for the School of Business in a “Think Tank” consortium. As of recently, the council is working on creating new student-based marketing approach. Additionally, we are working on creating a program to assist underprivileged students in attaining business professional
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