Case Study Of The Yorkon Building System

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1. By using new product development model by Booz, Allen & Hamilton trace the steps and activities involved that you feel are most likely to have taken place prior to the launch of Yorkon Building system.
Portakabin is one of the strongest business ventures in UK, 2010 by renowned Research organisation Superbrands UK. They have achieved 191st rank in the significant annual listings, from 258th in 2008 and 233rd in 2009.
Portakabin after the new product development YBS, achieved an award winning architecture positioning to deliver & launch the product on time with the planned budget and much faster (around 50 %) than the site based construction. The Yorkon Building system is designed in such a way to provide customised solutions to customers such as designing a building in the way you want, where and when you want. The customised solution helps in targeting a wider spread network in the market. The Yorkon Building System has better flexibility on grounds of structural and aesthetic functions. This uniqueness has led to successful positioning through this new product development as compared to the other modular technology. We will list the down the reasons how Portakabin has achieved &
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A new product which is being introduced in the market such as YBS must have undergone over various different stages, which starts with a preliminary concept of product, evaluation, development, testing and then launch in the market (Booz, Allen & Hamilton, 1982). This array /flow of activities can also be view as a series of information collection and evaluating stages. In the contrary, the new product evolvement management lead to increase in more knowledgeable stage about the product .then it assesses again for its initial decision to undertake the product launch. (Ulrich & Eppinger, 2011; Wind, 2001; Cooper, 2001; Crawford, 1987; Scheuing,

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