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Summary A company’s association with its consumers is much more than higher product ratings or reducing delivery times. It should be understanding about learning their experiences from the instant they start thinking to make the purchase till the product life stays intact, and then working to make this ride as simple, clear, and efficient as possible. Customer service is as ancient as commerce; however, the key reason so many businesses still struggling to provide effective customer service experiences is they continues to focus on the incorrect priority - Product enhancement; while the key is Consumer empowerment, their experience, their satisfaction. Almost all companies loves to promise an unmatched customer service. However, Mr. Brad Tuttle,…show more content…
The company experienced a very difficult time when its founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. Finding a new CEO was not that much a difficult task ahead of them but they had to maintain and improve the quality of their products, marketing, and customer experience and customer services. In August, 2012, Tim Cook, a former Apple COO was selected as CEO. This was a strategic step keeping in view the potential of Mr. Cook towards managing Apple Inc.’s sales activities, supply chain, product marketing as well as customer services. In addition to Cook’s experience as COO, he earlier served as head of Apple Macintosh division and played a key role in the sales and supply wing as part of the marketing. In addition, before joining Apple Inc., Cook had worked for other big companies including IBM and Compaq. Cook had a good educational background including MBA from Duke University. The main reason why Apple had to consider all these factors was because as a CEO, Apple needed someone who could help continue improving the Apple product quality and customer experiences. Other executive member Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President - Software Engineering, played a key role towards introducing Apple’s online store as well as iTunes store. Other role includes Senior Vice President - Internet Software and Services, Senior Vice President - Industrial design, Senior Vice President - Technologies, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President - Hardware Engineering, Vice President - Worldwide Marketing, Senior Vice President - Operations, responsible for supply chain and quality control. No wonder, the new CEO is already producing better results over the last five years. Apple is continuously improving annually when it comes to either Sales, Marketing or Customer Services. The diagram below shows the Apple executive team as summarized by Dediu

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