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A Case-Study of Merger of TOMCO with Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL)
Following the advent of the economic liberalization, HLL-TOMCO merger which became operative on April 1, 1993, was one of the most significant mergers in Indian corporate history. This merger had immense impact on the Indian corporate scenario.
Established in 1917 under the Indian Companies Act, 1913, TOMCO was the older of these two companies . TOMCO was incorporated in 1917, and it was there in the sprawling and resilient Indian market with a rich 75 year-long heritage in soaps and detergents. HLL was incorporated approximately 16 years after the incorporation of TOMCO. It was the first private company to be converted into public company in 1956. Apart from it, HLL was an Indian subsidiary of an Anglo-Dutch company by the name of Unilever (the parent
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In India it is popularly known as HLL. However, it due course of time, HLL was converted into a Public Limited Company on 27 October, 1956. It is a subsidiary of the multinational giant-company by the name of Unilever Group. This group is also a corporate giant in the FMCG sector known worldwide as the ^''Unilever Group". At the time of unification, the company was the largest player in such sectors as soaps, detergents, basic chemicals, toilet preparations, fertilizers, in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kamataka, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. To merge TOMCO with HLL was a strategic move, because owing to this merger, the merged entity became the biggest competitor of the much publicized strategic alliance of Proctor and Gamble with Godrej which also is in the same business industry. It means that the latter is also in the manufacturing and marketing of soaps, detergents, chemicals, toiletries of various uses just like HLL
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