Case Study Of U21global Graduate School, Singapore

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U21Global Graduate School, Singapore is a pre-eminent online business school established in 2001 by the Universitas 21 consortium of several world-class universities including the University of Virginia, the University of Melbourne, the University of Birmingham, and the University of Nottingham. This case study highlights the quality assurance (QA) system established by the consortium at the time of inception of U21Global. While dwelling upon the QA framework of U21Global, the case study provides insights on the challenges faced and ways in which they were overcome in the school’s journey to establish itself as a premier online academic institution. Description of u21global Established in June 2001, U21Global is a graduate school with a unique focus on global management education. The graduate school is in close partnership and collaboration with four prestigious partner universities - the University of Birmingham, the University of Nottingham, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Virginia The postgraduate programs offered by U21Global maintain the high standards of quality found at traditional research-intensive universities, but are delivered through an innovative, collaborative online model by a global faculty of qualified professors. This provides students with substantial learning advantages that are relevant to current…show more content…
The mandate of U21p is that the academic standards of U21Global should be on a par with those of the affiliated U21 universities, which means that, in practice, the reviewers on the U21p board are senior faculty members from the relevant units (e.g. business schools) of the U21

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