Case Study Of Unilever Company

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Unilever is a multinational company that has almost 400 brands and currently doing business in almost 190 countries and was founded in 1930. Its headquarters are in UK and Netherlands.
Unilever has brands on four main division which are Personal Care, Foods, Refreshment and Home Care.
Product and services
Personal care Foods Refreshment Home care
Axe Becel Lipton Domestos
Dove Knorr Bru Instant Surf exce;
Sunsilk Amora Taaza Rin
Rexona Cornetto Wheel
Aviance Creme bonjour Unox
Unilever is more focused on thirteen brands than the rest of the 400 brands and these thirteen brands have sale of over one billion euros and all together 400 brands and businesses in 190 countries enable Unilever to be the employer of approximately 169000 people.
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Procter and Gamble’s vision is to be the best in its industry and be the number one choice for every customer and its mission is to provide products and services with better quality and value that contribute to the improvement of not only consumers’ life but also the generation to come in exchange for the sales and profit from the customer.
Procter and Gamble follows corporate governance which includes laws, procedures and policies which demonstrates how strictly corporate governance is followed so that the rights of investors are safeguarded against the working of the managers solely for their interest. The employees of Procter and Gamble are part of the shareholders portion who proves to be the long term investors in this process.
Stemcor is a private company that is mainly a steel trading company based in London. In 45 countries, it has almost 145 business location where 2000 people are currently employed.
Products and services of Stemcor: Figure 2: Products and services of
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