Case Study Of Valley View Academy

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Renovation of An Old School
Valley View Academy is a private secondary school that is located in Oregon City, Oregon. The school was founded in 1978 and it’s among the largest secondary schools in the state of Oregon. It only offers classes in its main branch with no other extended sites in other places. Valley View Academy provides programs in career development, workforce development, community education, basic skills development, and other courses. The school serves over 2,000 students from the state of Oregon. Besides other educational buildings in the schools, there are athletic fields and other facilities to support sports programs in the school. Recently, the school’s management decided to renovate the facility in order to increase space
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Only a few of them were replaced with new ones. In the Valley View Academy's library, only the roofing and the windows were replaced. The shelves for books and the reading space for students were maintained. In some other buildings, their classrooms only needed roofing materials and painting changed. In several offices, the roofing materials were maintained, but the teacher’s shelves were replaced. Some of the Valley View Academy's old computers were also not replaced. The management only added others with the modern technology but never got rid of the old ones the students used. The electrical and power system in Valleys View Academy was also checked by licensed professionals and maintained. Therefore, Valley View Academy did not have to entirely change the look of the school, but instead only replaced some old equipment and changed the look of many of the old facilities. Renovating the school greatly improved the perception of Valley View Academy in the surrounding communities. A great achievement for Valley View Academy was providing students a highly-technical learning environment for a future in university studies. Through the renovations, the school was able to save some of its old buildings and not destroy them to build entirely new…show more content…
Students were able to study in roomier classrooms. Study environments with more than enough space for the students improved the learning in the classrooms. Students were also able to learn in small groups enabling teachers to easily monitor their performance. Through renovation of the sport halls, student’s participation in sports not only enhanced their athletic performance but their academic performance. In conclusion, the renovations of Valley View Academy was good, because the school was fulfilling the purpose it was
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