Case Study Of Vodafone Is An International Company

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Question 1: workforce planning is a primary function of human resource management in fact it is related to the systematic identification and evaluation of what an business is going to need in conditions of the size, type, experience, knowledge, and skills of their workforce to accomplish its goals. It is a process used to generate business intelligence to see the business of the current, change and future impact of the external and interior environment on the business. Strategic workforce planning: usually covers a three to five year forecast period, aligned to business needs and outcomes. It concentrates on identifying the labor force implications, current, transition and future of business ideal objects and includes circumstance planning.…show more content…
Vodafone's hiring and selection process is aligned with their business strategy, because they are in the business of providing services and their market position is a leader with differentiations, therefore when they recruit individuals on different seats, they may have set of core competencies that are required for every single position and so they check these while employing someone (Armstrong, 2006).
Their selection makes sure that the right person with right set of capacities and attitude is selected, for example if they are hiring for the position of customer satisfaction they would make sure that person being hired has the soft skills, the empathic attitude and it is not extreme in nature. They have devised a set of such soft skills that are evaluated on each of the hiring and these skills differ from position to position. For bureaucratic level position they make sure they hire someone with good analytical skill along with flare of leadership in them. Consequently in Vodafone the complete selection process is linked with the corporate objectives (Armstrong,
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They have proper monitoring and feedback system in order to all of us monitoring the performance and individuals and teams. They will have a quarterly performance management that relates the performance of the employees with their objectives of that quarter. After the analysis and monitoring of the performance of groups then feedback is provided to them. That system helps the organizational performance on the track and helps the business to stay on their performance targets throughout the year (Wall,
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