Case Study Of WM GR Process In RF-SAP

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White Paper WM GR process in RF - SAP 04 2015 Table of Contents Abstract 1 1. Introduction 1 2. Business Case 1 2.1 Challenges in the current scenario 2 3. Solution Design 2 4. Conclusion/Summing Up/In Summary 3 5. References 3 6. About the Authors 3 Abstract Efficient warehouse management processes requires faster data entry and processing for inbound, outbound and internal warehouse operations. SAP transactions can be executed on RF devices that are handheld or forklift mounted. Special movement indicator and Country of Origin these two functionalities adding to Normal GR process in RF screen. This paper discusses about how special movement indicator and Country of Origin functionality working through Goods Receipt…show more content…
Business case Business requires to putaway materials forcefully in particular interim storage areas. It is possible to influence the movement of material within WM via the special movement indicators. an assign another movement type in the Warehouse Management System to a movement type from Inventory Management using this indicator. Business can specify interim storage areas and interim storage bins within the WM movement types, business can determine which interim storage areas and bins will be selected in WM for a goods movement depending upon the special movement indicator used. thereby actively influence the interface between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management. But in standard scenario assigning multiple indicator to multiple line items creation item wise Transfer requirements. business and recommended to put-away material in to one storage bin only for one material document. Per business inputs, for same receipt due to material sensitivity and whether condition some materials needs to be received into internal whse bin and some into outside bin. it is agreed business have to create two document in such case and system needs to restrict user in case they try to place materials in to different

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