Case Study Of Walt Disney And Pixar

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1 – Chapter One 1.1 – Case Study Background: Disney Animation Studios was founded in America in year 1923 when Walt Disney agreed on a contract with M.J. Winkler and signed it. Its famous cartoons Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were introduced in 1930's. Whereas, it’s very first feature-length movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was released in 1937 which has been considered as a huge step forward for the company. Besides, its first live action movie "Treasure Island" was released in 1950 which introduced different ways of success and growth for the company. Walt Disney died in 1966 but Walt Disney resort did not stop and moved forward. Figure1: Annual Revenues of Walt Disney (Watts, 2013) On the other hand, Pixar was basically founded in 1979 as a graphics group and was named "Lucafilm's Computer Division". This company was doing very well and Steve Jobs realised its capabilities and potential in technology and innovation. Thus, Steve…show more content…
While, this reduction of entry barriers push Walt Disney to think about the future of its relationship with Pixar and take a very strategic decision to make sure that their partnership would stayed on the plinth. 1.3 – Research Questions: The vital question of this case study is related with decision making: 1. Whether Walt Disney and Pixar should to acquire or not to acquire? Other research questions of the case study are as follow: 2. What would be the future of leadership under the circumstances of awaiting contractual expiration of Walt Disney and Pixar partnership? 3. Would employees retain? 4. Would stakeholders’ value be same or diminished? 5. Would this acquisition be heavily

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