Case Study Of Warby Parker

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Chapter 1 1. Describe the strategic approach pursued by Warby Parker in selling eyewear. Warby Parker is a Eye wear is selling company, its started by the business school students and they want to provide the eyewear to customer with affordable price. So they start to sell the products by online direct to customers and by passed the retail shops or middle man. They started home trail program, company will deliver to the frames to Customers and customer can choose which they like then place the order. 2. Who is the target market for Warby Parker and how do they reach this market? The Warby Parker targets is “everyone wear our glasses” those need . They reached the customers through the online marketing. 3. Which category of risk do you think…show more content…
The company provides leadership to its subsidiaries and let the local people recruited cadre jobs in the organization. 2 Discuss important issues in effectively staffing and directing international operations. Micro capital finance is an advantage. Understanding the languages, dynamics understand the culture. 3Assess and effectively manage a company’s corporate culture. The company a have largest supply chain, most traditional finance situation. Payment of farmers products through the supply chain keep a good relationship with buyer and seller. Chapter 11 1When analyzing Ecoist’s production process, what problems might they encounter in trying to initiate “input” controls? The raw material are using waste.they might face the availability of raw materials and Recycling companies are developing. 2How do you think Ecoist environmental business model might impact its corporate valuation? |Ecoist is an eco-friendly and creating the products from recycled materials 3In your opinion, what are some of the challenges Ecoist might face in trying to control their operations? They might face the market competition and partner ships
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