Case Study Of Woodhull Hospital

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Client was discharged from Woodhull Hospital on 12/20/2016. Today, during our face to face meeting the client informed this worker the following incident that took place prior to the client going to Woodhull Hospital.. On 11/29/2016, client report she was asleep in the “I Dorm “ and she forgets she had her charged plugged in . Client continues to relate that in between sleep she heard Shift Supervisor Joyce coming in into the Dorm for routine check. She also states she heard Shift Supervisor Joyce Napoleon state “if she finds any charger plugged in the wall, she will confiscate it”. Client continues to relate she jumped up her bed when she saw Joyce closed to the bathroom; and client states she went to retrieve her charger when Shift Supervisor Ms. Napoleon bumped and jammed the client against the wall. Client continues to states she injure her left arm where she had the dialysis shunt in place. Client continue to reported she was having pain, but she felt there was no need to go to emergency or to file a Police Report.…show more content…
Client continues to report she was put under amnesia and in between sleep she heard the surgeon say, “he can’t figure out why he doesn’t have access to the vein shunt”. As per the client the surgeon told her it seems that everything is okay, but he referred the client to see the dialysis doctor. Client continues to report when she went for dialysis she was told that the shunt is blocked with recent blood clod and she was sent immediately to the emergency. Client mentioned she spent 7 days hospitalized due to the incident with the Shift Supervisor over a charger. The client also states she report the incident to Administration
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