Case Study Of Xyz

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Xyz started in 1919 with only one man, Jack Cohen, who was a market stallholder selling groceries in London. Xyz was formed by a merger with ABC from whom they used to tea for the sale on the stall. The first store was opened in 1929. After that, Xyz has almost expanded across the world. It has now more than 2,200 stores which also includes hypermarkets and also Express outlets which helps in meeting different needs of the customer.
It also offers alternative goods and services such as insurance, banking and online shopping. It has a net profit of around £3.4 billion and has also become the largest of all the British retailer. It is also one of the world's leading retail outlets amongst three continents. Xyz's total workforce worldwide has over 468,000 employees.
To support the growth, Xyz needs staff that are highly motivated, flexible, well-trained and also who recognises the needs of the customer. Xyz recognises that employee motivation is highly essential for the growth of the company.
In the case study, it is given that Xyz motivates its employees by enhancing their knowledge, skills and it also provides job satisfaction through training and development. This was provided with the help of timely rewards and recognition.
Benefits of motivated staff
Motivated employees are hard workers and they achieve greater
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Also, it ensures that the employee is working in a partnership with others which would help and improve the business for customers. The aim of Xyz is to motivate its employees both by enabling the satisfiers and also by paying attention to hygiene factors. Like it motivates its employees by timely communication and also by delegating responsibility and involving them in decision making. Every year forums are being organised for the employees. These all shows the work that Xyz do for its
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