Case Study Of Yum Brands In The Middle East

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Start finding solutions for this question, it is important to divide the question into two parts. The first part should discuss the strategies which Yum brands have followed to sustain in the market while the second part explains the challenges which are faced by Yum brands in the Middle East. First, to start any business it should be strategy plan for the organization including structure, mission, values, vision, goals, objectives and strategies (Carvallho, et al ,2015) Marketing growth Strategy is related to the objective of the organization and the confidence in the capability of its manager to expand in different place. (Bacanu, B 2015) Consequently, the management has the decision to use marketing strategy to expand in different place to get more revenue. According to the case provided Yum brands have expanded rapidly in the Middle East, it has launched more than 100 operational stores in North African, so the stability in Yum brands business is available (Shukla, et all, 2015) According to Igor Ansoff, there are four marketing growth strategies which are suggested to be used to shaped up the business Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Development and Diversification. (Shaw, E 2012). In fact, Yum brands have followed these strategies because of dynamic changing in the race of…show more content…
In fact, “To survive in today’s competitive markets, food retailers must create and maintain a loyal customer base” (Huddleston, et all, 2003.P.213). Having said that, customer loyalty may cause headache for the management of Yum brands because the customers have more options when it comes for fast food. For example, when the customer decides to eat from fast food, the options for choosing is more than three like Pizza hut, Demonize Pizza and Mc Donald. As a result, Yum brand may face obstacles building strong relationship with current
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