Case Study Of Zero Crime In Japan

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Case Study on Zero Crime rate in Japan Cities
The Objective of the study is to identify the factors that make Japan a zero crime cities compared to other global cities which having a same population.
What makes the crime low in Japan - Key Observations?
1. Culture
• Economic success, distinct culture and disciplined population have made Japan to produce one of the least crime rates in the word.
• The culture of societal shame is a very powerful force. And you don't just shame yourself. You shame your family, your friends, your community, and your business colleagues.
2. Policies
• They have a policy regarding guns; all Japanese citizens are restricted from owning weapons of any kind including swords. Unless you are a licensed hunter,
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Even if you are a law offender, you have to register somewhere and that will leave tracks to lead to respective person
6. Economy and religious
• Japan is atheist country ,atheist countries are more peaceful
• Very low unemployment rate. When people are busy doing their jobs, there are fewer loners who get bored and do stupid things.
A new concept which make zero crime in Japan
• It is a small neighborhood police station found in japan. Which refers to smallest organization unit in today’s Japanese police system.
• It addition to large central police stations found with in the country, uniformed police work is done from small koban buildings located within the community.
As of 2007, there are about 6000 Koban all over areas of Japan
• Which is a one to two-storied housing with a couple of rooms (although there is wide variation), with one to more than ten police officers.[ The officers in these buildings can keep watch, respond to emergencies, give directions, and otherwise interact with citizens on a more intimate basis than they could from a more distant station.

Figure : koban building Figure : interior of
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