Case Study: Office Depot Essay

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(1) What marketing orientation or approach does Office Depot appear to be using now? How does Office Depot create value for its customers? Describe two things it could do it move it more toward implementing the marketing concept. After the situation has been addressed by Steve Haines, Office Depot appears to be using a societal marketing concept approach. A societal marketing approach is carried out by making good marketing decisions through considering consumers’ wants, the company’s requirements, consumers’ long-run interests, and society’s long-run interests. This tactic focuses on delivering value to customers to improve the consumer and the society’s well-being. Office Depot appears to be focusing on the building profitable…show more content…
Steve and Dana Haine are the “right” customers for Office Depot. A marketer's aim is to build the “right relationships” with the “right customers.” Steven and Dana Haine are good examples of the “right” customers because they offer a high customer lifetime value opportunity to the company. Also, they have provided feedback to the company to help them improve on their internal processes. Office Depot should focus on building relations with profitable customers in their target market. They realize that Steve and Dana are frequent customers to Office Depot and that they should be working to maintain their customer satisfaction. The Haines are customers that would have a high customer lifetime value and it is essential for companies to maintain these types of customers. It would be useful for Office Depot to have someone call Steve and Dana to thank them for their feedback. It would be nice to assure them that their issue has been resolved and it is important to let them know that their opinions really do matter. It is important for companies to manage strong relationships with their “right” customers. (3) What customer satisfaction problems do you see in the case? Customer satisfaction is the backbone to being successful with in a business atmosphere. Steve and Dana were obviously not satisfied because their experience did not match their expectations (customer satisfaction was not reached). For this
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