Case Study: Officer Shinn

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• Officer Shinn was traveling northbound through the west portion of the parking lot at 100 W Second St, leaving a call for service. As the involved officer turned left to go southbound and exit the lot, he felt a collision.

Officer Shinn believed that he had been rear ended, but did not see a vehicle behind him. Seeing no car behind him, the involved officer thought he may have run into a parking block. As Officer Shinn backed up his vehicle, he saw a light pole with a cement base come into view; based on the statement of the involved officer, the A-pillar of the police unit was concealing the light pole.

There was no damage to the light pole. It appears that the involved unit struck the cement base of the light pole. The apparent damage to the involved unit included a bent push bar, damage to the driver's side front fender, damage to the driver's side front bumper, and possible damage to the driver's side front suspension components.
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According to the tow truck driver that arrived on scene, the damage to the involved unit appeared to coincide with this speed estimate. A review of the MVS information system is also consistent with the information provide by Officer
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