Case Study : Omega And Genii

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Blog 16 - Omega and Genii come to terms for new working agreement

The online casino industry is the midst of a growth spurt during 2015. It seems that operators and developers around the world are looking for ways to growth their businesses, getting a leg up on the competition in the process. Through takeovers, mergers, and working agreements it seems like companies are joining forces across the board for the greater good. Given that “joining forces” is the commonly used phrase of the moment; it is interesting to see that Genii have made several moves to grow through such means. The latest news emerging from the company is that they will work with Omega Gaming going forward in what looks to cap two months of relentless corporate expansion.

The Latest Addition

What the new agreement with Omega Gaming represents for Genii is the seventh major deal that the company has signed-off on in the past two months. Growth is something that the company has sought out aggressively as of late, with the company riding an unheralded wave of momentum. Omega Games may not rank as the largest of the company’s latest deals, but it will still see over 130 online casino games be added to the Genii ranks. This will include the incorporation of the revolutionary and increasingly popular Spin16 product series. Omega Gaming joins the likes of TAIN, Dukes, Starfish Media, Altenar, Iforium, LeoVegas, and Gaming Innovation Group in signing a deal with Genii.

Boosting the Omega Core System

The Omega

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