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University of Malaya Abstract ---This is a academic level case study on information systems, business strategies and e-CRM system used by Amazon for their online activities. Amazon for their e-commerce activities uses number of information systems in order to gain competitive advantage over its competitors.This case study indicates some of the system used by Amazon.
Keywords ---Transaction Processing System, Supply Chain Management, Business Strategies, e-CRM Cycle.
I.Introduction was founded by Jeff Bezos back in 1995.The founders vision was to build a virtual shopping place for book lovers. brings the world largest book store to the door step of the people around
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Customer Care
One of the success factors of is word of mouth. Because of excellent customer service customers trusted Amazon. They used to talk about to other. This spread rapidly by creating increasing traffic on the web site.
5. High Margin, Lowest Price
An estimate shows how it is possible for amazon to become profitable with lowest price. A product on average gets sold in 33 days through On the other side it competitors like best buy took 70 day to sell the product. (FAVERNOVEL)Amazon keeps the best-selling product to its own stock and longer tail items to third party sellers stock. This gives an advantage to the company.
6. Marketing and Promotion Strategy
Amazons marketing strategy remains as strategy brand name, increasing customer traffic, customer loyalty. To gain so undergone various promotional method. Public relation activities, online and traditional advertising including radio, television and print media are the prominent. 7. Associate Program
To boost the customer traffic and rate of sale started a associate program with customers and small businessman. Approximately 200,000 websites have enrolled in the associate program. (Annual report

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