Case Study On Apollo Paints

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Apollo Paints is 22 years old company. It has been recognized as the environmental preferred paint by Singapore Environmental Council (SEC). The company is penetrating and expanding their business in the market such as other competitors like Asian Paints, Nerolac Paints, and Berger Paints. The company is creating the required awareness about the brand and their products in the market. And also it helps to know the level of which Brand awareness created in consumer or customer mind and its impact on their buying behavior.


The customers are aware of the brand availabilities in the market. It has long been held that one of the major goals of marketing is to generate and maintain brand awareness.
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• To assess the level of brand awareness of Apollo paints among the customers.
• To identify the factors which influence the consumer buying behavior towards Apollo paints.
• To evaluate the impact of consumer buying behavior in purchase of Apollo paints products.


This study helps to know about the brand awareness and its impact on consumer buying behaviour which is limited only for Bangalore Plant. This study helps to analyze the brand awareness in the consumers mind. This study also helps to identify the factors that influence on consumer buying behaviour of Apollo paints products.


The study is based on primary as well as secondary data. The primary data is collected through one to one survey method using structured Questionnaire.
The secondary data is collected from web source, newspapers and magazines, journal articles etc.
Sample Size: 100
Sample Unit: Customers randomly drawn from the customer database of Apollo.
Sampling technique: Simple Random Sampling.
Statistical Techniques: The research will use descriptive statistics and quantitative techniques to study the
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