Case Study On Ben Sherman

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General Contextual Research
Design in a Business Context

Case study 1:

Design case study on Ben Sherman,
Using the marketing mix in the fashion industry

In this industry Ben Sherman really outdone himself by developing a balanced marketing infusion which focus on the 4 P"s- product, price, promotion, and place. If these 4 P"s are implemented correct the business see to it that its products get to the market its aiming for. In this way the company stays in competition and broaden its market share and effect all over the market area.

Case Study 2

Design case study on Primark

This company was established in June 1969 in Dublin ,Ireland by Arthur Ryan. It's a clothing retailer operating all over Europe.
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The Mu Smartphone charger was designed for storage because it can fold flat. The size is reduced by 70% and is compatible with all Smartphone's.

Focused Research

Design in a Business Context local Designer …XYZ Design

…XYZ Design was established in 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s an award winning company that focuses on product development and strategic innovations. Their clients get all the help they need to conceptualize and design innovative products, services and interactive involvement. Some of this firms products feature in internationally respected studios such as the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
This company focus on 3 things.

•To help clients to interact with the service.

•To assist foreign businesses to adapt products and services for local African markets.

•To migrate fieldwork data and research theory to testable products and services for commercial local needs.


Sustainable materials are used, clay. This make this product very modern. The design is effective and decorative. The user can choose the criteria and colour to fit the interior where it will be used.

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