Case Study On Bhopal Gas Tragedy

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What is Bhopal Gas tragedy?
The industrial catastrophe that occurred on the midnight of December 2, 1984 at Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal, India was the worst industrial accident in the world. The official count was around 3000 deaths. This is a complex case, involving critics from all sides accusing the Government of India, U.S. Government, and Union Carbide and the workers that handle the case. It was 2 – 3 December 1984, when 42-43 tones MIC were released from a container E610. No one knows what was the exact reality? But many findings came out which says that somehow water entered in the tank with pipe and then because of rusted and unclean surface, water contacted with liquid and started a reaction which rapidly
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The problem was nobody knew much about the MIC or its antidote. Within days from the disaster there are so many person claimed that the worst part of accident was over—that people were suffering from common ailments of the accident, such as tuberculosis and anemia and many more. But till date no one knows the health disaster of MIC and how to treat patients exposed to the gas. The health burden is compounded by two more variables—one, children born after the disaster are also its victims because of exposure to the deadly gas while they were in their mothers’ wombs; two, chemical wastes remain dumped in and around the premises of UCIL factory, contaminating the water that people drink. India, by far, still was one of the nation in 1984 is an ancient culture, with its evolved set of norms and traditions. Worst of all is the caste system; in which majority of people belong to the group of lower castes and untouchables. The untouchables are the most downtrodden of them all. Since the factory started in Bhopal, people belonging to such communities began moving from small villages towards the Bhopal factory site and began establishing their house hold in adjoining land, doing small businesses or setting small shops and working in odd works or as servants in the various employees’ houses. These areas…show more content…
The accident happened just few weeks prior to national level parliamentary elections, and the Congress Party was tend to lose heavily if its partners in the state government were seen to be not doing relief work and legal work effectively, and did not deal firmly with the main culprit of the disaster UCIL(Union Carbide India Ltd.
At the starting time, the state government tried to put all the blame fully on Union Carbide Corporation. It filed a case against UCC for all the damages on behalf of tragedy victims. In a very showing gesture against the company, WCC's Chief Executive, Warren Anderson, was arrested on the day of his arrival in Bhopal. The government stopped several efforts done by UCC to provide any compensation or relief packages to victims, in an attempt to stop the UCC from earning good image among the victims. This early political handling was so effective that, in nationwide elections that took place just few weeks after the disaster, the Congress Party won both the state assembly and the (Member of Parliaments) seats from Madhya Pradesh by wide
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