Case Study On Business Decision Making

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Project Title: Business Decision Making: A Study Course title: HND in Business Course Module: Business Decision Making Student ID: 49750 Group: V Student Name: Gabriela Naydenova Submission Date: 19/01/15 Executive summary Change is the common and most consistent trend in the world. Everything in the world is getting changed with the passage of time. Globalization, modern science and many other factors are making the world much complicated and again in some respect, it is making the world wide process very simple. Similarly, business world is also getting changed. The main reasons are demand of customers, competitive atmospheres, market competitors, development of communication system etc. Now, it has been a very critical phenomenon for an organization to make certain decision regarding their…show more content…
They are open ended question, closed question and partially categorized questions. Open ended questions allow the participants to add and give their own perspective and view more than they have been asked to say. Closed question only takes such answer that they were asked. Finally, partially categorized questions are those questions that sometimes allow personnel view and opinions and sometimes not (University of Michigan, 2010). Sampling framework represents the people on whom the organization will be making the research. In other sense, the participants of the researching activity represent the sampling framework. Business organization does not include all kind of people and again does not include all people of some particular class because it is not possible. Commission Restaurant will make their research on their targeted customers, organizational employees, official members, retailers and all possible members. 1.3 Questionnaire for the given business
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