Case Study On Charlie Gordon

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Charlie Gordon is 32 years old, he had an IQ of 68. He works at a bakery for 11 dollars a week and bread or cake. On his free time he goes to a school for mentally disabled adults. He wants to become smarter so he can learn to read and write. His teacher, Miss Kinnian requested that he tries a series of tests to help him become smarter because he is dedicated to become smarter.

The first test that is given to him was the Rorschach test. The Rorschach is a test a person is asked what they see on a card that has ink spilled on it other wise known as the ink blot test.
Charlie was told to sit and relax to take the rorschach or the ink blot test. He was very nervous because he is not good at tests. The man who gave charlie the test was
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