Case Study On Classroom Management

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SSC Case Study
What is effective classroom management? It is a class that has rules, expectations, and standards. An effective instructor will create a safe environment where lessons run efficiently in which each learner can succeed and participate in the learning (Characteristics of Effective Teachers, 2014). Before watching the SSC Classroom Management Case Study #1, these are the questions I used to determine effective/ineffective classroom management strategies used by the instructor:
1. Is there a sense of engagement in learning and teaching?
2. Are there well defined classroom rules? Do the students understand what kinds of behaviours are acceptable in the classroom?
3. Does the instructor communicate the course objectives? Can the students monitor themselves and gauge their performance?
4. Is feedback provided immediately and is it positive?
5. Is there an environment of mutual respect?
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Managing Small Group Activities Effectively. Although an instructor’s role should be minimized during an activity, it still must be managed. The groups should be divided by the instructor, the participants should know which topic they are working on, and the activity should be timed. I would have liked some kind of verbal instruction that helped all of the student know the learning outcome and why this task should be performed. The continual questions from the group could have been minimized with a little more intervention.
3. Dealing with Classroom Disruptors. What I noticed throughout this video is the instructor used inconsistent classroom expectations. Disruptive classroom behaviours were either ignored or dealt with inappropriately. Students who were talking or texting or sleeping were ignored. Instead of pulling aside a student he participated in an angry discussion that disrupted the class. He focused on the student instead of the behaviour for something that could have easily been resolved privately.
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