Case Study On Coronary Artery Disease

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Case Study on Coronary Artery Disease The following summary is an updated case study of a 47 year old male patient, Jim who was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. The patient did receive information on what CAD is and was informed that test were needed to fully diagnose and be evaluated for underlying conditions (high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes and blockage. I will discuss the type of test needed for this condition and tests for any underlying conditions that are related to this disease. The type of treatment needed to control and lower his risk factor. I will also give the patient information about complementary and alternative medicine so the patient will be well informed about different types of treatment. The patient will be informed about the prognosis of the disease, and the options that the patient has to succeed in the changes in his lifestyle that are needed. • Examination of the Patient Jim • Vitals are B/P 170/98, Resp, 16, Weight, 198lb, Height 5ft 7in Temp, 98.7 Pulse • Patient symptoms are shortness of breath, tightness and heaviness in the chest area • Patient states he is light headed and constantly being thirsty As I did the physical exam I explained to the patient that I would listen to the arteries with a stethoscope for an abnormal sound which will let me know if there is poor circulation due to plaque? I also explained to the patient that by checking the pulse in the ankle and legs it would also indicate if
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