Case Study On Engro Fertilizers

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Engro Corporation is a multi-national corporation based in Karachi with subsidiaries involved in the production of fertilizers, foods, chemicals, energy and petrochemicals.
Engro fertilizers is a subdivision of Engro cooperation. It has a prominent name in Pakistan fertilizers industry. It is traded on the stock market under the symbol ‘EERT’. Engro holds a vast, nationwide production and marketing infrastructure and produces leading fertilizer brands optimized for local cultivation needs and demand. Engro is also a leading importer and seller of Phosphate products, which are marketed extensively across Pakistan.
Engro fertilizers enjoys loyal customer base all around Pakistan. It was incorporated in 2009. Engro fertilizers manufacturing facility has been facing ongoing extension. This
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Power outages can disrupt the production process and as a result monitoring of the systems might be hindered too.
• Identification of chemicals and mixing of the incorrect chemicals together.

Detection Risk:
An auditor doesn’t detect that a problem exists in an organization but it exists nevertheless.
• Unauthorized access: Engro Fertilizers is a huge company that’s why its possible employees can gain access to restricted areas such as the warehouse without getting caught. Moreover someone else such as a friend or relative of an employee could use the access card to enter the office premises. The unauthorized access will not be detected by systems of the organization
• Hacking from within the organization: The IT audit might not be able to detect a breach from within the organization such as an employee copying data for a chemical and publishing it or selling it to a rival
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