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The objective behind this study is to understand Foodpanda business model, Challenges faced by them, how they are raising huge funds, and their growth. Foodpanda is owned by Rocket Internet having 52.1% stake in it. Foodpanda net revenue was increased from EUR 0.7 million in 2013 to EUR 6.7 million in 2014 i.e. growing at the rate of 838.9%.
Foodpanda continues to benefit from strong investor interest in its business model. Following several successful funding rounds in 2014-2015, it closed the year with a strong cash position of EUR 44.5 million.
Foodpanda is supported by Rocket Internet and was able to raised funding from AB Kinnevik, Phenomen Ventures and including Goldman Sachs which is over USD $100 million.
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The company has raised USD $310 million since its inception and rocket internet owning nearly about 52% stake in it. When 3 years ago, Foodpanda started its operation in India, some said it was a delivery company, some thought it's a restaurant or food supplier. In terms of profitability, Foodpanda has generated a gross profit of EUR 1.0 m in H1 2014, representing a margin of 84%. Absolute EBITDA loss amounted to EUR 11 m.
Below are some suggestion and recommendation -
• Foodpanda need to focus on food delivery because it is one of the main factor plays while retaining a customers and many customers are not happy with the food delivery services.

• Foodpanda need to improve its services related to making payments to vendors. Vendors get frustrated when they didn’t receive payment of the order fulfilled by them. And many a times they start warning Foodpanda, that in the future they will not take any orders from them. This is the area where Foodpanda is lacking and need to take action immediately. They need to understand that for a small vendor it’s become difficult to function without receiving payment on time.

• Timely respond to customers if they are not able to process their orders on time. It was found that some customer faced this problem and recived message after 1 hour that foodpanda can’t process their order after placing their order with

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