Case Study On Fuzzy Front-End

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1) What does the article say about Fuzzy Front-End?

Based on the article of Fuzzy Front-End, fuzzy front-end can be defined as the beginning process of the development of an idea or new product. That phase is critically important because from that, we know whether the product can be formalize before continue enters the market then launch it or just stop at that phase. It is basically stated that before doing front-end the organization itself need to understand why, how, what is actually the fuzzy front-end. In order to increase the knowledge on managing this issue we need to know how to deal with it. That is why the researcher came out with 17 successful factors on how to cope the fuzzy issue. By referring to the article, the knowledge of a person or the activities itself is not enough to indicate the successfulness in managing fuzzy front-end. The organization
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Next, the cooperation between management and employees is important which the employees can be supervising through the senior manager. The act of supervise enable the management to plan the activity of the employees by giving they task in order to help innovation process. The firms also need to pay attention to the new technology such as machine that will help the firm to produce the product. The firms need to identify the technology able for them.There are some success factors that can help this process run effectively. Alignment between NPD and strategy is important. This is because the strategy plays a big role for further actions, it must be determinant and realistic and not only that the cooperation between the projects is crucial so that we can wider the information needed. Next is an early and well-defined product definition. This is the phase where the producer knows about everything pertaining to the products. The products must be well defined to avoid negative circumstances and impacts. Furthermore, beneficial external cooperation with others
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