Case Study On Health Organization

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Case Study on Health Organization Francisca Ogu Grand Canyon University December 5, 2015 Case Study on Health Organization UNITHEDHEALTH. There are various insurance programs accessible for user of health care to select from, healthcare, which will be suitable for their individual needs choices and budget. Due to the heightened demand of health care consumers, healthcare organizations continue to emerge in order to meet up with this increased need. This paper is focused on the UnitedHealth Care Group and addresses the following; all about them, network, resource management, their nursing view and the way they meet the demand of their patients. ABOUT UNITEDHEALTH CARE. In the United States today, UnitedHealth Group is the biggest and for profit healthcare organization, with their headquarter in Minnetonka Minnesota. Among the top 500 companies in the US, it ranked the #17, and was founded in 1977. UnitedHealth Group according to Fortune magazine serves roughly more than 85 million persons in the whole world and are staffed with closely 150.000 people in the US 50 states and 20 other countries. (UnitedHealth Group, 2013.). They have two operating business which provides a variety of health care services to consumers: UnitedHealth Care, focuses on the provision of benefits and health care coverage to individuals and employees, and Optum, which is focused on the provision of technology, health services and information in the delivery of health care and
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