Using Human Performance Technology (HPT)

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Case Study 1.5 on Education Theories

Case Study 1.5 on Education Theories
Human performance technology (HPT) refers to a systematic process that links business strategy and goals and worker’s ability to achieve them with a variety of interventions including education and training (Kaufman & Bernardez, 2012). The outcome of the HPT process is the improvement in human performance. Additionally, by requiring close analysis of performance problems or opportunities and their underlying causes, HPT provides effective solutions for any given performance challenge. The root of HPT stems from behavioral and cognitive psychology and educational theories, which provides a theoretical basis for how people learn. HPT is part of instructional technology and encompasses design, analysis, development, evaluation and implementation and management of instructional systems and other learning environments that contribute to learning and the development of the mind, body and spirit (Abbott & Adama, 2016). This paper analyses the cases study by Pavelek (2012) on Using Human Performance Technology (HPT) To Select Projects That Yield Results: Change Management.
Key Issues Goals and Options of the Change in the Case
According to the case by Pavelek (2012) (as cited in Tiem, Mosley, & Dessinger, 2012, p.111), a time when organizations frequently outsource their training rather than maintain it as an internal department function, the training team of
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