Case Study On Irina Lakotiy

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Irina Lakotiy reported her son, Oleg Lakotiy, was violating a protection order by being at her residence. Irina stated she picked up Oleg at Valley Medical Center in Renton, gave him a ride to her residence, and was concerned Oleg was possibly high on drugs. Oleg was listed as the respondent and Irina was listed as the petitioner of a DV Protection Order out of King Co Superior Court # 16-2-05363. The order stated Oleg was restrained from coming near and having any contact whatsoever in person, or through others, except by phone, and was prohibited from knowingly coming within, or knowingly remaining with 500 feet of Irina's residence. I contacted Oleg inside of a children’s play house, which is in the back yard of Irina's residence. Because
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