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This chapter will give an overview on the impact of organizational justice on job burnout at Media Prima Bhd. This chapter consist and discussed of eight important parts of the research and also an overview what the researcher need to focus. These part are important things in the research which are include of background of the study, problem statement, research question, research objective, significant of the study, scope of study, limitation of the study, definition of key terms and summary.


Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima), a company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, is Malaysia’s leading fully-integrated media group. The Group is also one of Malaysia’s Top
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This tendency creates a sense of low efficiency and effectiveness of individual’s performance profile, low sense of individual success, and the belief that his or her efforts in vain (Dardir, 2007). The individual becomes not happy and convinced on his or herself performance and achievements. In addition, this individual will make a considerable conclusion that he or she was not in the level of expectations and perfect state that he or she has set a target after a few years. Symptoms related with this trend are; the persistent feeling that he or she is liable to disciplinary measures by the boss, lack of focus in completing the task and fluctuating attitudes during development, as well as loss of motivation toward work (Cordes and Doughtery,…show more content…
Adams conceptualized fairness by stating that employees determine whether they have been treated fairly at work by comparing their own payoff ratio of outcomes (such as pay or status) to inputs (such as effort or time) to the ratio of their co-workers (Adams, 1963). Thus, in the organizational framework, distributive justice refers to the perceived fairness of resource allocation in respect to the balance between employees’ contributions and rewards (Lee, 2001). Organizations convey a sense of concern for employee well-being and their contribution to organizational success when rewards and resources are fairly distributed (Peele III,

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