Case Study On Orient Electric

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About Orient Electric
Orient Electric is an India based electricals manufacturer offering a diverse selection consumer electrical solutions, which include fans, home appliances, lighting products and switchgear. The company, headquartered in New Delhi, is a part of the growing $1.6 billion C K Birla Group. As of March 2015, Orient Electric has over 800 employees and three fully integrated manufacturing facilities based in Kolkata, Faridabad and Noida.
The CK Birla group firm operates in over 32 countries and is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of fans in India. Orient Electric has a strong presence in India with more than 100,000 retail outlets, 3500 retailers and distributors, and 153 service centres across the nation.
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The company changed its brand name and identity from ‘Orient Electricals’ to ‘Orient Electric’ and consolidated its business verticals of Fans, Lighting and Home Appliances. The brand revamp was done with an aim to establish the company’s identity as a one-stop home solutions provider with the next generation customers who make informed buying decisions. As part of the brand repositioning plan, the company also launched a new unified communications campaign ‘Switch to smart’ that connects effortlessly with the new generation of users who seek innovative and convenient lifestyle solutions.
Orient Electric also presented its new logo in the vibrant colour ‘orange,’ which signifies enthusiasm, captivation, cheerfulness, creativity, and stimulation. It also launched a 360-degree advertising campaign to create awareness about the brand repositioning. Orient Electric is committed to providing a wide selection of innovative household electrical products that combine form and
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