Case Study On Perfumes

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Company’s Culture
Organization culture is one of the most essential factor that decide the success or failure of a company. Currently customers’ demands, and taste are continuously changing thus, a strong organizational culture is needed to cope with those changes. EMPER perfumes culture can be divided into multiple parts which are:
Attention to Detail EMPER perfumes can be considered a company that focuses a lot on details. That is because of their non-stop research to find new perfume designs and produce them at the highest quality
Outcome or process Orientation process oriented culture can be found within the medium to high levels of the organization due to them believing that teamwork is the best way to innovate. On the other hand EMPER perfumes can also be a process oriented company, because low level staff have to follow the rules that have been specified to them by the manager in charge thus they experience limited flexibility.
People Orientation
EMPER perfumes values its employees regardless of their position in the company. What makes
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For this condition the company must look at two things which are: 1. The economic condition, so they can see if advertising their cheaper or more expensive brand will lead to them gaining more profit. 2. They should stay on the look for declining import tax, so they can enter the marker with the least amount of expenses payed. One example is Tunisia, in 2009 they had an import tax of 100%. This prevented EMPER perfumes from interring the marker until the government decreased its tax considerably. As discussed in the economic conditions, the financial crisis had a tremendous impact on the company. Even though its impact loomed over the citizens of UAE, the financial crises had an impact on the whole world (financially). This makes the side effects caused by the financial crisis a global condition as well as an economic
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