Case Study On Periodontitis

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Periodontal disease is very common, and is widely regarded as the second most common dental disease worldwide after dental caries. Periodontitis is initiated by gram negative tooth associated microbial biofilm that elicit a host response which result in bone and soft tissue destruction. The chief treatment modality for periodontal health is scaling and root planing either during surgical intervention or in a non-surgical approach with the endpoint of bringing a root surface that is biologically acceptable for healing processes. [1] These mechanical procedures are accomplished by using sonic-ultrasonic, manual and rotary instruments with the intention of removing subgingival biofilm, calculus & endotoxins from the root surface and also to accomplish a maintainable…show more content…
The time required for scaling and root planing with each instruments were measured by using stopwatch from the start, until the root surface appeared smooth upon visual examination and check with an explorer. The teeth samples were sectioned longitudinally to obtain the proximal instrumented surfaces using a diamond disc mounted on a slow speed handpiece with water coolant. The crowns were then resected at cement-enamel junction with help of diamond disc. Specimens were obtained from the cervical 2/3rd to middle 1/3rd of root.Preparation of root specimens for SEM study Following the mechanical treatment, all specimens were dehydrated in graded series of isopropyl alcohol- (50%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100% as the final step). The specimens were kept for half an hour in all graded series of isopropyl alcohol and for 1 hour in 100% isopropyl alcohol. The specimens were dried for half an hour and then mounted on the aluminium stub with an adhesive tape. Further procedure for specimens sputter coating and examination under SEM was carried out at Forensic Science Laboratory, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Standardized photomicrographs of the selected sites were obtained at magnification of ×100 and ×500 for each
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