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Cafe Chat ,Pullman Hotel & Cafe Cino Hilton Hotel in Kuching
1.0 Background of Hotels
Pullman Kuching is centrally placed within the Kuching Golden Triangle, enjoying pride of place on Jalan Mathies hill, with wide town and watercourse views. the primary passenger car building during this spirited town, passenger car Kuching options 389 spacious, modern rooms and offers easy accessibility to notable Kalimantan national parks. The building is good for business guests, giving Associate in nursing abundance of conferencing area, state of the art facilities and technology, and a spread of stylish restaurants and bars, and a high-end spa.
Hilton Kuching building creates a refreshing sense of comfort and cordial reception. All of the building guest
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The following aroma of coffee and freshly baked bread to this Kuching café. Locals and Hilton Kuching hotel guests and customer enjoy the view across the river or check emails with wireless internet access. The cappuccino in Hilton it was really nice. Usually, they are offering coffee, sandwiches, selection of cakes, including the local kuih lapis. The price is almost same the Pullman Hotel, the prices above arounde RM 13/ each portion of cake until RM 35/each portion or plate inside chiller.

3.0 People
We have been at Hilton Hotel and Pullman Hotels Coffee houses which is Café Cino (Hilton) and Café Ch@t (Pullman) in Kuching to compare and get new experience from 5star hotels coffee shops. Based on our experience the people working as staff, I believe that they are cherry picked, because they are all very talented in providing extraordinary customer service since its 5star hotels.
They have guests checking in for the hotels from around the globe, and coming to the coffee shop to take a rest and try a cup of coffee. They have earned the efficiency to create a warm and hospitable environment for the guests. While I was engaged in a conversation I realized that they are well trained and also they have to go for on the job training on a regular basis. We had a good experience and excellent customer
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Point of Sale systems are used in many hotel and restaurant businesses such as in Pullman hotel. Hilton hotel is using touchscreen display of POS System in their coffee shop which helps the cashier speed up the order-taking process. The accuracy of this POS system have aided them to reduce the time taken to serve and rise the efficiency of the order progression. POS system severely cut down total operating outlays and blunders due to human

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