Case Study On Streets Of Future

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Streets of Future: A Case Study Of Delhi
Cities today are constantly escalating in terms of number and size. As India is moving on the path of rapid and massive urbanisation, urban centres are also growing at a faster pace. Census 2011, positioned level of urbanization at 31.1% with number of urban residents at 377 million spread over more than 7500 urban settlements. The spatial growth of Delhi indicates tremendous rise in settlements.
While the total population growth from 2001 to 2011 is 21%, urban population is 27% indicating that Delhi has been urbanising faster than its growth in past decades. Although, master plans are made for proper functioning of cities, but very little attention is paid to street design, which is the basic unit of cities and urbanscapes. It is important to address the design, street
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• Special care should be taken to improve the mobility of impaired and disabled.
• The street design should be focused on pedestrian environment. The approach to street design should be multi-disciplinary. Provision of transition areas from roads to streets should be provided.
• Transition zones should be treated by using large trees, narrowing of carriageways and change in surface materials.
• Aspect of legibility should be focused for clear perception of routes by the people. Features and landmarks which are aesthetically and historically recognised are valued by the people.
• Controlled Street markets, kerbs and parking implemented the way it is perceived can definitely improve the street life of Delhi.
• Management of traffic by speed control and permeability helps in maintaining the ambience
• Balanced approach to self-regulating streets, street trees with proper size and plantation, active street edges to provide passive surveillance and better street environment.
• A well thought design enhances land value, a calm traffic and comfortable pedestrian and
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