Case Study On Supply Chain Management

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ABSTRACT-The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of any industry of india whether it is manufacturing, service, Health care and retailing industry and the Problems faced by these industry these days. This paper takes in account the technique of supply chain management. It has not been clear how do firms build a responsive supply chain in global manufacturing environments. Built upon a synthesis of the existing literature and relevant theories, this paper presents a research model that defines the drivers, strategy, and practices of a responsive supply chain and the performance outcomes. This paper is one of the rare empirical studies that identify key variables relevant to the implementation of a successful responsive supply chain. The effective implementation of a responsive supply chain requires a careful definition of a responsive supply chain strategy in terms of the product range, and the frequency and innovativeness of the product offerings. Firms also need to provide key implementation practices (i.e., sharing of information with customers, collaboration with suppliers, use of advanced manufacturing technology) to achieve pull production to achieve responsiveness to the market.
Keywords- Supply chain management, Responsive supply chain, Supply chain drivers, Supply chain strategy

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Research also can establish the services valued by all customers versus those valued only by various segments. Then the company should apply a disciplined, cross-functional process to develop a menu of supply chain programs and develop segment-specific service packages that combine basic services for anybody with the services from the menu that will have the greatest appeal to particular segments. This does not mean tailoring for the sake of tailoring. The goal is to find the degree of segmentation and variation needed to optimize

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