Case Study : On The Retention And Development Of Their Employees

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Chern’s: Assessing Internal Candidates Chern’s talent philosophy is focused on the retention and development of their employees. They are the primary source for their associate department managers and department managers is their sales associate position, with 75 percent of their promotion coming from this source. In a review of the turnover data, the leadership team learned that they are losing a large number of good sales associates. The executives learned that a disproportionate number of good sales associates had left the organization. The exit interview data shows that the sales associates are leaving because they don’t feel there is opportunities available for them to reach managerial positions in the company they are looking for. This indicates that the organization is not doing an effective job communicating promotional opportunities and career development planning to high-potential sales associates. Chern’s needs to improve their communication process for promotional opportunities and ensure that they have a strong succession planning strategy in place to develop high-potential sales associates for open managerial positions. Skills Inventory A skills inventory is a database that provides employers with a list of skills, competencies and job related characteristics for its employees. This information can help companies predict who will be the best fit for specific positions. Some organizations use sophisticated software to help them manage this process and not only
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