Case Study On Tissot

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Two Influence Groups
Asia is a potential market for Tissot. The consumer, The King of the market is the one that leads the market and the market trends. The consumer plays a very significant role in the demand and supply chain of every economic system of every state to satisfy their needs and wants. The manufacturers of the goods and services would lack the purpose of producing as there would be no demand for their products. A consumer buying behaviour is influenced by cultural, social, personal factors and social surroundings etc. Tissot noticed that understanding consumer purchasing behaviour offers consumers greater satisfaction. Tissot always assure that they adopt the marketing concept and are consumer oriented.

(a) Sociocultural Influences
• Culture and Subculture
Culture is a very complex belief of human behaviour, it includes the human society, the people that the society plays values customs, traditions which are imposed on the consumer by other individuals. As for subculture, people who share the same values, customs
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Tissot target customers with various cultural related above the age of 16 years old with an income ranging from the mid-level to high level and social class from mid to upper. To target and satisfy the demands of the consumer, Tissot has separate watches with different designs. For that reason, Tissot’s watch collections consist of T-gold, T-Trend, T-Classic, T-Pocket, T-Sport and Heritage. Each of these brands range offers a variety of a strong characterized watches where the appeal of models and several variations combine with the precision and quality of workmanship, meet the targeted consumer varied needs as part of their fashion appeal. By using distinctly different pricing and distribution strategies, the marketers of Tissot watches have attempted to use a product differentiation
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