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Yamato Transport TA-Q-BIN which means "personal express delivery" in Japanese is Japan's leading logistics specialist, covering an array of transport services under the Yamato Group. Originally formed as Yamato Transport in 1919, TA-Q-BIN has become an important social infrastructure by creating more convenient lifestyles through innovative logistics systems. Formerly known as 'Takkyubin' in Japan, the company made a decision to re-establish itself as 'TA-Q-BIN' to fulfill a more global presence.
Yamato Transport-TA-Q-BIN establish in Malaysia since year 2012, TA-Q-BIN Malaysia set up the delivery services in Malaysia for four years. Mr Yamauchi Shuji is the Managing Director of TA-Q-BIN Malaysia. There are total
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There are not limit for the product range when using TA-Q-BIN delivery services but with maximum weight of 25kg per parcel in a shipment.
Currently, the Group is working not only to develop new strategic offerings and improve service quality, but to also adapt to the needs of customers that have grown in sophistication on an ongoing basis. Yamato Group will strive to attain further growth in TA-Q-BIN through the generation of new business and solution models in areas of the business in which growth can be expected. As a result of these efforts, the Yamato Group has outperformed the growth in the express home delivery market as a whole, and steadily expanded their market
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Our corporate stance expresses our core concept of carrying out the Yamato Group promise to strive to achieve our Management Philosophy.
The Yamato Group seeks to be profitable through fair and honest competition while respecting human rights and upholding the letter and spirit of laws and international regulations. We are working to become a company that continues to develop together with society by always acting with ethical integrity.
Pursuit of customer satisfaction The Yamato Group strives to provide high quality services and customer satisfaction. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create new innovations and services that help improve lifestyle conveniences.
Respect for life The Yamato Group regards human life with the utmost respect and endeavors to achieve safety.
The pleasure of work The Yamato Group seeks to be a corporation where each individual demonstrates autonomy and initiative and takes pleasure in their work. We are a company that encourages employees and their families to pursue dreams and possess pride in their

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