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Questions to Consider: Assignment Questions: (1) Zipcar is a membership based car sharing company which has innovated the way car sharing service has ever been used in the past. It has a distinct brand image is straightforward and has no string attached service. It saves the customers from the bureaucracy that customers have to suffer through traditional car rentals and the cumbersome paperwork which they have to go through every time they make a trip to car rental counter. Zipcar members use zipcard to unlock the doors and keys of the car can be found inside it. Technologically savvy reservations can be easily made through online or phone thus working seamlessly without many frills. (2) Zipcar’s target market attracts people residing…show more content…
Zipcar customers need to be atleast 21 years old and they are allowed to subscribe to membership after rigorous checking. Zipcars ask its customer to returns the cars on time and also has penalties for smoking and bringing in the pets, They asks customers to keep the vehicle clean and return it with full tank of gas. They give discounts to the customers who wash the cars. Zipcars growth is comes from customer referrals “Great experiences drive loyalty and loyalty drives growth”**according to “connecting with customer: - the result driven manager: No zipcar employee watches or follow each customer use, the company structure works as such that customers stratify one another. Zipcar with its extensive community building activities by requesting its customers for making food deliveries on holidays. Zipcar has the provision for late fee but till date fewer than 5% of customer had paid it and they are considering to hike that penalty in case of recurring offenders. One of the features which Zipcar might to work is on increasing the sense of belongingness and reinforce positive customer behaviors to keep the experience of using zip cars unique and successful. Enforcing positive reciprocatory behavior is constantly telling them through social media and newsletters as how their negligible behavior might be effecting some other rider. Higher Penalties and poor reviews is another way they can enforce disciplinary

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