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Definition of Project: One of Seagram’s management’s utmost challenges was culture change. Seagram’s recognized that it could not succeed without making a culture change. It was a distinct shift from away from individualism, entrepreneurship authority; functional pride, and personal relationships during a time when Seagram’s was successful. The management at Seagram’s recognized that they could achieve definitive success without transformation was impossible (Jick, & Peiperl, 1993). The old culture was no longer effective. Bronfman was determined to prove that values would be around for a lengthy time. The new direction for the culture change was heralded with values like teamwork, innovation and exceeding customer expectation by…show more content…
Bronfman and other executives saw the need to redefine competitive advantage. 1992 the operating income begin to stall for the core spirits and wine business. Recession hit while government had increased regulations. During the recession period their liquor sales declined and were expecting to continue for several more years while taxes increased along with social criticism of the spirits market. The executives made as decision to expand the sprits sales in China along with a new acquisition the global Fruit business from Dale Food. The success of the 1990’s derived from a very different portfolio. Seagram purchased shares of DuPont for 8.8 billion. The company also purchased 80 percent of MCA, Inc for 5.7 billion adding 15,000 more employees. Recommendations: The most challenging for the Executive Leadership is how to communicate “The Seagram Values” put in place. The plan was to communicate to its top employees and hope this trickledown effect would work. Once managers attended personal meetings it was the managers of the department’s responsibility to in turn meet with their direct reports and discuss the values. Implementing a training program on values, coaching and even rewarding employees are a good way to enforce the values in action. My recommendation would be to have a value coach that do coaching, meetings or

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