Case Study : Orange Farmers And Consumers Are The Consumers Financially Environmentally And Health Wise

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Orange grove farmers like Ricke Kress, face a huge dilemma due to the Citrus Green Disease. Orange farmers must make a choice to incorporate to GMO orange plants, and face judgement from consumers or suffer from the losing game of the citrus green disease plaguing their orange farms. This is due to consumer’s lack of understanding of what GMO is and how it can be beneficial to the consumers, farmers and the environment. Below we list the strengths GMO produce like GMO oranges can bring to the consumers financially environmentally and health wise. Lowering cost for farmers and consumers Although GMO products have faced many backlashes by concerned consumers, the amount of benefits GMO products offer to both Farmers and consumers is…show more content…
(Veasa, 2013) By using GMO crops, farmers will help the environment by lowering the use of chemicals for pesticides. (Staropoli, 2016) In return this lowers the amount of fuel used in the vehicles to spray these harmful chemicals. (Staropoli, 2016) The minimal use of fuel by farmers for GMO crops will help lower pollution and help with the ozone degradation. Longer shelf life One of the strengths of using and consuming GMO products is that they have a longer shelf lives compared to the other produce. Researched test the shelf life of both a GMO tomato and a regular tomato and the GMO tomato remained firm for 45 days, that is 35 day more than its competitor the normal tomato who last only 15 days till it began to wilt. (Devlin, 2010) We throw away so much food way in fact, “As much as 40 percent of harvested fruit can be wasted because it ripens too quickly, the researchers from the National Institute of Plant Genomic Research in New Delhi, India, estimate.”( Devlin, 2010) Produce is being wasted; using GMO products like oranges can help us from wasting food and in return save money. GMO foods save lives Although, the United States of America may has an abundance of food, in most countries that may not be the case. “The World Health Organization estimates that 250 million people suffer from vitamin A deficiency, with babies and

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