Case Study : Organization And Behavior

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COURSE TITLE: HND IN BUSINESS UNIT TITLE: ORGANISATION AND BEHAVIOUR STUDENT ID: STUDENT NAME: DATE OF SUBMISSION: 01/04/2015 Table of the Contents Lists of the Contents Page No Introduction 3 1.1 Define and explain any three out of the following organizational structure and cultures3 1.2 Explain how an organization structure and culture can impact on the performance of a business 5 1.3 List and briefly discuss the factors which influence the behavior of an individual at work5 2.1 Compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different organizations 6 2.2 Explain how organization theory underpins the practice of management 7 2.3…show more content…
In addition they are working in different types of organization Structure. Tall authoritative structure is one which needs a large number level from claiming progression. Previously, these organizations, there need aid typically a significant number managers, Furthermore each administration faculty need a little compass of control – they would in control about just a little assembly about kin. Tall structures have a tendency on make more convoluted Also complex, What 's more might a chance to be slower to react to showcase transforms over associations the place chiefs need a bigger compass about control (Child, 2006). Flat Organization Structures: An even organization may be an association that need an authoritative structure for couple alternately no levels from claiming white collar management between staff Also executives. The thought is that well-trained specialists will make additional profitable. This structure will be by and large workable best in more modest associations or singular units inside bigger associations. The point when they compass a basic size, associations might hold a streamlined structure Anyhow can 't stay with a totally even manager-to-staff relationship without impacting benefit. The level organization model advertises
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