Case Study : Organizational Behavior Management

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Case Study: Organizational Behavior Management
Patient safety is the top priority when it comes to hospitals today. Staff and employees are first ones on hand to help patients remain in the safest condition while at the hospital. In this current case study Improving Responses to Medical Errors with Organizational Behavior Management Frates (2014) analyzed a hospital in southwest Virginia and performed an assessment regarding patient safety and the organizational management techniques that were used by hospital upper management, the feedback showed the top nine patient safety errors. (Section 4.5) With the feedback that they received from the hospital, upper management was able to resolve the issues that were relevant and recommend better
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“Managers significantly increase use of individual and group feedback during the intervention face and decrease use of no intervention a significant improvement in the management of patients think the errors. Especially significant with the increased use of group feedback.” (Frates 2014)
The results from the interventions show that the reported events were increasing in the 1st month of the assessment and show that there was a decrease in the months to come after. This showed that the intervention was a success. It also showed that the reports were being reported more often from the employees. The employees were being more concerned with the safety of the patients. They begin to have a more caring effect for the process of patient safety. “Repeating caring actions can establish individual caring standards or behaviors that go beyond or challenge social convention creating a subversive or radical practice of care.” (Hamington 2010) Employees are giving greater feedback on patient safety and they are willing to care a little more about the process of patient safety.
Group Leaders Intervention Strategies
Group leaders can introduce some intervention strategies in order to make group effectiveness more prevalent in the hospital. A successful intervention strategy that will be good for the case would be to gather up information and share with the group. There are several ways to complete this task. The one that I feel would be the most successful is team

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