Case Study Organizational Behavior

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Why do individuals behave the way they do and perform well or poorly in the workplace? This question has been the Holy Grail of much research in organizational behavior (McShane−Von Glinow, 2004). A large American city was putting on some seminars for managers, and the main topic of the discussion was motivation. During the seminar a problem came to light that a captain of a police station was dealing with some issues with his police officers. When his officers first came to the police station were all very young and inexperienced. Although they really enjoyed going out on the streets, helping people and having contact with the public, one thing they really hated was paperwork. The captain needs he needs to motivate his
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Employers must take advantage of the motivational element of this model. Additionally, employees must have the required skills. The manager of each company should be sure that the staff is qualified and trained properly. Another important function of the factor of capacity is to place employees in positions that would be able to use their talents. The third factor of this model is the role of perception. Employees must have a clear understanding of their place in the company and how to assist to the overall mission. The fourth and last factor is situational factors where the employees must have all tools, equipment and facilities to perform a successful work. The MARS model shows that these four factors have a combined effect on individual performance, if any factor weakens, employee performance will decrease (McShane−Von Glinow, 2004). For example, enthusiastic salespeople (motivation) who understand their job duties (role perceptions) and have sufficient resources (situational factors) will not perform their jobs as well if they lack sufficient knowledge and sales skill (ability) (McShane-Von Glinow, 2004).

There are definitely reasons that led the young and probably not experienced officers to perform poorly in this task. One of the main reasons is that they believe and perceive that their role in the police department is to prevent crime, to arrest criminals and be involved in community
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