Case Study: Organizational Conflict

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Final Paper Study from Organizational Conflict 1. Introduction This paper attempts to describe an organizational conflict which I experienced, and explain its background which is related to organizational behavior issues. Moreover, I shall make discussion about what could be done to manage the organization more effectively. Not only in workplace but also in many circumstances people belong to any kind of groups or organizations. As we learnt during the course, organizations nowadays are getting more diversified in many ways and need to be innovative. However on the other hand, many problems happen even in mono-cultural organizations. It is inevitable to understand issues in simple organization in order to comprehend problems in more complexed organizational situations. Reviewing conflict occurred in a student group with using some organizational behavior theories we have studied, I would like to…show more content…
Its decision-making procedure did not work effectively. Despite the organization has only 60 people, interaction was not enough so that the headquarters did not well understand about members’ personality. There was a group pressure during the meeting and it was difficult for some members to tell their opinion contradict to the main stream. In order to avoid a group pressure, there should have been some direct interaction between headquarters and small groups, not all in one group. It would be valuable not only to let people tell their ideas but also to make them feel that they are parts of the decision-making process and they commit the organization. Using instrumental groups more effectively and making multi-layered structure can be another solution. The members can have small meetings and discuss within the groups, then all the leaders gather and hold a meeting with headquarters. In this case, communication would be much smoother and group pressure could be
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