Case Study : Organizational Culture At Ideo

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Case Analysis #3 IDEO LaNon A. Edwards Ivy tech Principles of Management 3//1/2016 Using the competing values framework as a point of reference, how would you describe the current organizational culture at IDEO? Provide examples to support your conclusions. Organizational culture refers to shared assumptions, values and beliefs that show how people behave in the work place. The shared values greatly influence how the people in the organization dress, act and perform their chores in the organization. Each and every organization has its unique culture which gives employees and all other stakeholders in that organization the guidelines on how to behave. Ideo?s approach is founded on design thinking which a human centered approach to innovation is normally by integrating the needs of people, technology and the general requirements for success in business. Using the competing value framework as a point of reference, it appears that IDEO?S current organizational culture is a clan. This is because the organization has a great focus on flexibility and less concern for structure and controls; employees are driven through organizational vision, goals and output. People are able to work together as a family as they help one another. The company has also endeavored to train its people on how to use various tools to solve challenges (Amabile, Fisher, Pillmer, 2014). IDEOS is also geared towards a combination of adhocracy and market cultures in

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